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5 inspired sustainable product designs

Here’s my pick of eco-friendly product designs, spotted recently on Instagram.

This month we have: a feature lamp made from a branch, pineapple-leaf backpacks, a beautiful surplus wood mirror, decorative hanging baskets and a super-stylish cat bed made from recycled cardboard.

3 backpacks from Kaliber Fashion in apricot and gold, pale blue and silver, and jade and silver

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Featured eco-friendly business: Free Ramblin’ Kids

Free Ramblin’ Kids is a very eco-friendly kids slippers and accessories business, run by Katie Cavacco. Katie visits charity shops to buy post-consumer wooly jumpers, which she then turns into felt to make her products out of.

Soles are made of reclaimed leather. Reduce, reuse, recycle – tick, tick, tick!


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‘Rooms from Remnants’

Looking forward to my copy of ‘Rooms from remnants: Fifty Low-cost Projects to Transform Your Home‘ by Janette Swift, bought second-hand of course. 

I think the 50 home decor projects she shares, which include picture and mirror frames, lamps and mosaics, all made from recycled materials, will be as useful and relevant today as in 1994.

Janette was ahead of the curve on what’s thankfully become a growing movement. Just look at this lovely recent drawer upcycle by
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New Year’s quirky ideas for re-using and upcycling

Fizzy chairs!
Fizzy chairs!

Happy 2014!

Try one of these two out for fun.

1. Champagne cage dolls’ house chairs

What else would you do with them? Have a go at making miniature chairs from sparkling bottle cork cages, and to experience making use of something you’d normally throw away. Continue reading “New Year’s quirky ideas for re-using and upcycling”

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