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Instant decor tiles

I’ve started making these eco-friendly cork and felt stick-on wall tiles. They’re instant wall art, insulating, and reduce noise – and with different colours to chose from you can form your own patterns.

I started thinking of these when I lived in an apartment with quite thin walls last year. You could hear the buzz of the neighbour’s TV from their lounge on the other side and murmurs of their conversation. Usually I had music on or didn’t notice but there are some days when you just want a lie-in or an early night.
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‘Rooms from Remnants’

Looking forward to my copy of ‘Rooms from remnants: Fifty Low-cost Projects to Transform Your Home‘ by Janette Swift, bought second-hand of course. 

I think the 50 home decor projects she shares, which include picture and mirror frames, lamps and mosaics, all made from recycled materials, will be as useful and relevant today as in 1994.

Janette was ahead of the curve on what’s thankfully become a growing movement. Just look at this lovely recent drawer upcycle by
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Small apartment living

Recently I’ve moved into a smaller place, 21.4m² / 230ft², and have been figuring out how best to use the space. I’m also trying to make sure everything I put in it is eco-friendly.

The bed vs sofa dilemma

First I looked at L-shaped sofabeds…then Unfurl sofabed by Innovationclick clack sofabeds…then pulldown beds…then sofabeds again… You see, it’s got to have a comfy enough filling to be a bed, yet be easy to transform on a daily basis. And if possible look stylish.

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‘Tis the season to be eco? Christmas shopping in a nutshell

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 20.16.17
Make mine a fox!

November is with us and thoughts may legitimately turn to Christmas shopping. 

When buying presents for family and friends, do you ever think of getting something green?

Well, there’s a first time for everything. Here’s how to get started, from wrapping paper to Secret Santa.

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Fairphone – welcome to the revolution!

A fairer phone is here

Have you heard about Fairphone?

This organisation is a social enterprise, which manufacturers mobile phones as ethically as possible at every step, minimising harm to people and planet.

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Coffee grounds body scrub

coffee grounds
Magical coffee grounds

A friend mentioned recently that a lot of body scrubs have tiny plastic balls inside, acting as the scrubbing granule.

I found this really shocking, that body product manufacturers could be this irresponsible when it’s widely known that plastic in the sea is causing extensive environmental problems, and not just for fish and sea creatures, as it spreads through the eco-system.

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Meet Window Socket, the eco plug!

The future is clearly here with this Japanese solar-socket innovation! Imagine being able to recharge your phone or other device anywhere, simply by sticking your charger onto a window…

Plug into the sun!
The beautifully simple design by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh sticks to a window and lets the sun do the rest, drawing solar power into its internal battery. You can plug in small devices straightaway, or store up power for use later.

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Secondhand, vintage, upcycling – not just trendy but green too

What better way to opt for sustainability in your interior decor than to simply buy secondhand furniture and use it again? Except for some fuel on transportation, your use of the planet’s resources for your new look is absolutely zero. Yay!

Add stylish handles...
Add stylish handles…

Of course, you might like to do a little at-home restoration: a nice slick of antique white or delicate apple green paint and some roughing up with sandpaper, and you’ve successfully shabby-chic’d.

But wait! To be sure that paint isn’t toxic and petrochemical-filled choose an eco-friendly brand, like Norfolk-based The Organic & Natural Paint Co. and breathe easy. Continue reading “Secondhand, vintage, upcycling – not just trendy but green too”

Bamboo is all the rage

So hot right now – and in future

Using renewable materials can make a difference in the planet. And that goes for your home decor too.

Recently bamboo has been making headlines for sustainable style, primarily because it grows so fast – but it’s also very strong.

Cali Bamboo has been making interior decor products for ten years and have some good answers as to why bamboo is such a good choice of green material: Continue reading “Bamboo is all the rage”

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