Here’s my pick of eco-friendly product designs, spotted recently on Instagram.

This month we have: a feature lamp made from a branch, pineapple-leaf backpacks, a beautiful surplus wood mirror, decorative hanging baskets and a super-stylish cat bed made from recycled cardboard.

3 backpacks from Kaliber Fashion in apricot and gold, pale blue and silver, and jade and silver

Wood lamp

This is just stunning! Not exactly cheap, and probably not for a home with children or large pets, but wow. Definitely a talking point – and much more of a work of art than merely a lamp. Each gently glowing lamp is unique and handcrafted. It’s made of mountain cedar, so may have a beautiful aroma too.

Pineapple-leaf backpack

Made of cotton fabric and… pineapple leaves! This bag is 50% Pinatex ©, an innovative, new and natural alternative to leather, made from pineapple leaf fibres. It’s “stable, light and resistant to abrasion”. Not to mention stylish! No extra water or extra soil is used in the production process, as the leaves are a by-product of the pineapple harvest. And the glossy coating is biodegradable.

Surplus wood mirror

This mirror from is made of wooden pieces left over from the contemporary furniture designs by Ari Shomron. It’s distinctive, and a beautiful way of introducing pops of colour to your room decor. He also creates square mirror designs and cork mirrors.

Decorative hanging baskets

These lovely decorative baskets add charm, texture and gentle colour to a design scheme. They’re made from natural, local fibres.

Incredible recycled cardboard cat beds

It’s hard to believe this super-contemporary, sleek designer cat bed is made from …recycled cardboard! A great decor addition for cat owners. It doubles up as a scratch point, and the cat looks pretty comfy. The bed can be fixed up onto the wall as a shelf-bed and comes in a variety of colours.