Free Ramblin’ Kids is a very eco-friendly kids slippers and accessories business, run by Katie Cavacco. Katie visits charity shops to buy post-consumer wooly jumpers, which she then turns into felt to make her products out of.

Soles are made of reclaimed leather. Reduce, reuse, recycle – tick, tick, tick!


Sizes for these cutie booties start at newborn and go up to 36 months. They’re handmade Moccasin style slippers – perfect for keeping babies’ and toddlers’ feet warm when shoes won’t do and socks continuously come off.

And of course being pure wool they are also natural organic bio-degradable materials. So unlike polyester they won’t linger ominously in the environment once little feet have grown out of them.  But you can also pass them on or donate to charity: being wooly and durable, they’ll keep everyone’s feet warm.

Katie’s mission statement for Free Ramblin’ Kids is “Comfortable, handmade, eco-friendly footwear for young children.” She started her business in 2010 and also makes adorable accessories, like rattles, tooth fairy pillows and other soft toys with beautiful detailing.

Owls, bees, ducks, tigers, monsters, fruits, vegetables and flowers all feature in these innovative designs.

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Free Ramblin’ Kids is the type of business that could pick up Cradle to Cradle accreditation which assesses product sustainability against set criteria, asking questions like “what’s in your product?”, “what’s next after its use?” and ” what resources does it take to make?”. Browse their approved products on their products registry.

Katie sells at craft fairs in the US, you can also contact her via the Free Ramblin’ Kids Facebook page. So if you’d like to make a home for her lovely 100% eco-friendly designs in your home, you know what to do. Each item is unique!


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