Often the idea of escaping to the cosy quietude of a log cabin in the woods or by the lake gets very appealing for city dwellers.

But for most of us without weekend cottages/trip budgets/sheds/energy at the end of a busy week, the pipe dream stays a pipe dream.

So what can we do? Well one option is to make yourself a little retreat right at home!

A folky rug

Bright colours and a nice pattern will bring warmth and a feeling of the traditional to your home cabin. Like a hug in a rug. Recycled rag rugs are a great option, and kilim ones are apparently right ‘on-trend’ at the moment. So, if you like you can be trendy whilst stepping ‘out of time’.


Crisp white bed linen

Keep things as plain and simple as possible to create a homestead look – but more importantly to bring a sense of peace and serenity.

Natural accessories

Real birch and bark looks beautiful and brings a real woodsy feel to proceedings. This natural bookshelf is lovely, or you could try birch candle holders or decorating with branches.



On the subject of bookshelves, why not populate them with what they were originally intended for? A shelf packed with books is not only a joyful sight for dedicated readers, it’s also a chance to coax the less readerly away from digital pursuits… Stock with biographies of pioneers or extreme survival guides for the non-fiction orientated!

For the resolutely practical, it’s worth noting they are also great for insulation. Against the howling winds of the prairie/mountain/tall apartment building!

Bark wallpaper

Small White Birch 2

Some people do like to go that step further, and creating a feature wall with bark-effect wallpaper could certainly do the “forest-feel” trick.

Log burning stove

Now these have got a little bad press in the recent past as being oh so hipster, but they are also oh so warm and snug-making! And they’ll definitely create a cabin-in-the-snow feel, with even options for small spaces.


View of the lake

If you’ve got a nice large blank wall space, get an extra large poster of a beautiful view from previous travels – mountains, lake, woodlands, whatever rocks, or rather doesn’t rock, your boat – printed, or simply buy a super-size stock poster. It may just give the required drop of zen.


Turn off, decompress, zone out

Remember for your weekend retreat you can have as many or few mod cons as you choose thrown in. Because if you want to get away from it all in true no-phone-reception and “what’s wifi?” style, you can always switch off all your devices.

That could include the TV and radio – try reading, drawing, playing boardgames or playing an instrument instead… why not learn how to play the spoons in true old time style?


Other alternatives

All sounding a bit much effort still? Of course there are now plenty of cosy cabins and other unique places to stay via AirBnB – including lighthouses – that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so if you want to test the old maxim that a change is as good as a rest, that’s a fabulous place to start.