I’ve started making these eco-friendly cork and felt stick-on wall tiles. They’re instant wall art, insulating, and reduce noise – and with different colours to chose from you can form your own patterns.

I started thinking of these when I lived in an apartment with quite thin walls last year. You could hear the buzz of the neighbour’s TV from their lounge on the other side and murmurs of their conversation. Usually I had music on or didn’t notice but there are some days when you just want a lie-in or an early night.

So after a few versions and lots of time “in development” these are my answer! You can find them for sale on Esty.com/uk/shop/DecorMeUp.


I suggest tiling an area of an adjoining wall, for example behind your sofa, headboard or alongside your bed.

They’d be great for students seeking to brighten up their rooms, and I also thought pop up cafes, music venues and bars might like the cool vibrant colours. Or for a fabulous feature wall in any home. Chilly hallways and blank staircases could also benefit from their touch of warmth and pop of colour!

These tiles pictured above are mainly decorative at 4mm thick, but I also made some bulkier 16mm cork tiles, also self-adhesive and geometrically patterned, which may block more neighbour noise.

More ways you can reduce sound include full bookshelves, and putting bulky furniture against your adjoining wall.