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Make mine a fox!

November is with us and thoughts may legitimately turn to Christmas shopping. 

When buying presents for family and friends, do you ever think of getting something green?

Well, there’s a first time for everything. Here’s how to get started, from wrapping paper to Secret Santa.

Recycled wrapping paper

Rewrapped Christmas collection
Pretty prints

Let’s get extra-prepared this year and start where we’ll finish – with the wrapping paper.

London company Re-wrapped produces a Christmas range of eco wrapping paper and gift tags. Their pretty designs are printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink. £10 for 9 sheets plus 5 matching tags.



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Avoid the crowds!

Now for something to wrap up. Ethical Superstore has some great gift ideas for him, for her, for kids and more. You can filter results to fit your budget. Not On The High Street supports small producers and a search of their site for eco returns a lot of results. Protect the Planet and Ecocentric have more eco goodies.

Friends of the Earth has a list of environmentally-friendly gift suggestions of its own, from second hand books to cycling-themed presents to gift hampers from local suppliers.



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No batteries required…

This is an area where it’s easy to fall down and cave in to the urge to buy cute little gifts – “surely it can’t hurt, it’s only tiny?” But think of a whole production line of them…your picture of the resources used to make them will grow!

Ecoutlet rises to meet this challenge with fun small presents for under a fiver from recycled pencil cases to animal-shaped LED torches.

Nigel’s Eco Store also provides answers to the under £5 small gifts dilemma, with everything from biodegradable sky lanterns to recycled tin toy cars to smelly soaps and luscious candles.


Secret Santa

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Crocodile stapler? That’ll be Dan’s. Hands off!

And for that office Secret Santa? How about the Biodegradable Eco Stapler from Printed 4 You – under £10 and solves that sensitive who’s-borrowed-my-stapler issue forever.

Unless you want to skip the staples completely, with the staple-free stapler!

It might just be hard to keep it a secret.