A fairer phone is here

Have you heard about Fairphone?

This organisation is a social enterprise, which manufacturers mobile phones as ethically as possible at every step, minimising harm to people and planet.

And it’s got a great technical spec too.

A revolutionary product

It’s a phone. And it’s fair.

Fairphone believes that together we can change the way products are made. They strive to open up the supply chains behind production, understand how they work and put social values first, ultimately creating a fairer economy.

In their own words:
“We decided to make a smartphone that was developed and produced in a way that puts social values first. Our aim as a social enterprise is to use commercial strategies to create social impact… We could have picked a toaster or a fridge, but the phone is a good metaphor of our interconnected and complex supply chain.”

Making a phone the ethical way

  1. Aluminium and minerals for the smartphones are mined only in conflict-free areas.

    Sleek, user-friendly components
  2. Fairphones are made by workers whose employees provide a safe working environment and fair wages.
  3. The phones are constructed to last, using open, responsive design which gives owners the ability to configure them at home and keep up to date with future operating systems.
  4. Dual SIM as standard means one handset can be used effortlessly for work and personal life.

    Dual SIM card in every phone
  5. When you buy a Fairphone, it doesn’t include the recharger: you’re encouraged to look around and see if you can reuse one you already have (if it doesn’t fit you can buy one from Fairphone at a reasonable additional cost).
  6. The handsets are built to be used and reused, with an easily accessible, replaceable battery – but when they do need to be disposed of they are fully recyclable.
Eco-friendly packaging!

Available now

Fairphone currently have handsets in stock.

If you’re interesting in getting one too you can buy a Fairphone online.