coffee grounds
Magical coffee grounds

A friend mentioned recently that a lot of body scrubs have tiny plastic balls inside, acting as the scrubbing granule.

I found this really shocking, that body product manufacturers could be this irresponsible when it’s widely known that plastic in the sea is causing extensive environmental problems, and not just for fish and sea creatures, as it spreads through the eco-system.

Combined with that, I hate chucking out the coffee grounds after making a morning espresso; it just feels like a pain, even if they’re going on to help the garden via the recycling.

After buying a lovely all-natural face mask from Lush, it struck me today that I could use the annoying grounds in a homemade body scrub.

I added a little olive oil and a half avocado that was loitering in the fridge. The texture was a little slimy – and cold – going on, but the coffee grounds worked wonderfully as a scrubbing agent! Afterwards my skin feels amazingly soft. It also looks glowy and “plumped-up”. Yay!

In short I would recommend a homemade coffee grounds scrub, any day of the week.

So think twice about ditching your faithful cafetierre or Italian classic hobtop espresso maker. Save money on buying an expensive new coffee machine, see your current one as a body scrub key ingredient producer instead! You’ll also save money on expensive store-bought scrubs.

Trusty morning companion
Trusty morning companion

And if you really want to buy something, invest in a good blender or nutrition extractor, great for healthy smoothies – and freshly blended beauty products.

Try adding grapefruit to your coffee grounds and olive oil, instead of avocado, for a zingy experience, or cucumber for a super-cool scrub.

Use an airtight container…

Store your homemade products in an airtight jar in the fridge and remember to use them up – best to make small amounts at a time for the fresh fruit ones. You’re also saving on all the plastic containers that come with commercial products.

Citrus fresh zing

Options to look out for in shop bought products are scrubs that use ground almond kernels or sugar. And of course you could try making your own scrub using one of those ingredients as a exfoliating agent as well.

Update: 31/10/14 I’ve heard coffee grounds make really a really good, all-natural fertiliser for the garden, too.