The future is clearly here with this Japanese solar-socket innovation! Imagine being able to recharge your phone or other device anywhere, simply by sticking your charger onto a window…

Plug into the sun!
The beautifully simple design by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh sticks to a window and lets the sun do the rest, drawing solar power into its internal battery. You can plug in small devices straightaway, or store up power for use later.

How it works

It sticks to a window with a suction plate that holds the solar panel, and an outlet feeds the converted solar power to your device—and that’s it. It can be used anywhere there’s daylight, and you probably wouldn’t even need a window outdoors! Quite apart from the obvious green energy benefits, this could revolutionise camping trips and long journeys…

Plug your toaster into the sun

Already the Window Socket prototype output is about enough to provide 10 continuous hours of power for a small device, but it takes about 5-8 hours to fully charge itself up. In the near future the designers hope to increase its efficiency, energy storage and charge time, making it capable of powering household appliances too.

Let’s hope we’ll see these everywhere soon!!