Re-use, again and again!
Re-use, again and again

Reducing and re-using just got easier with the Australian-made and designed eco KeepCup which encourages coffee-lovers to bring their own cup to a café when buying coffee.

I was given one for Christmas this year and love using it. It’s a very cheerful cup, and makes an excellent addition to any bag.

Making a small KeepCup only uses as much plastic as 20 disposable cups and lids. If you’re a regular take-out coffee buyer you’ll use it plenty more times than that. You only have to use it 15 times to break even with disposable cups in terms of the energy manufacture and use.

Get creative

With their motto of “Salute the Re-user”, this company is making strides in educating people about the need to make sustainable choices, in a very colourful way!

What’s more, the KeepCup channels your creativity – you can pick your own colours and design. If you know your friend or relative’s favourite colours, you could choose them one of these cheery cups in the colours they love: a really personal gift that’s friendly to the environment too.

And when your dishwasher-friendly cup is all washed up (after a long, long life!) it’s recyclable – of course. Being lightweight and stackable lessens the environmental costs of shipping and freight, so from start to finish it’s a jolly little cup.

Find similar locally

USA USA hot drink lovers can buy reusable cups from Eco, made in America.
UK Let me know if you know of a reusable coffee cup manufactured in the UK.

Salute the re-user! Watch the video: