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Sustainability, period: what I learnt visiting 2 retro-fitted homes

3 London houses, one brick, one cream painted one light blue. Flowerboxes.

A green energy house and a Passivhaus were both open to the public this week as part of Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s first Climate Carnival. I went along to see what I could learn, and share.

These descriptions may conjure up visions of ultra-modern minimalism, and spacey building designs. But no, the twist is they are Edwardian and Victorian terraced houses, retrofitted by the owners.

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8 eco-friendly news stories from round the world

Science and tech innovation, environmental protection and circular economy products from Mexico, the Amazon rainforest, Australia, US and UK. 

1. Plastic-free water at famous marathon

London, England

Edible, biodegradable, seaweed water pods and compostable cups were given to runners at the 2019 London Marathon. This helped reduce the nearly 1 million plastic water bottles used at the event in 2018.

Seaweed water pod

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5 inspired sustainable product designs

Here’s my pick of eco-friendly product designs, spotted recently on Instagram.

This month we have: a feature lamp made from a branch, pineapple-leaf backpacks, a beautiful surplus wood mirror, decorative hanging baskets and a super-stylish cat bed made from recycled cardboard.

3 backpacks from Kaliber Fashion in apricot and gold, pale blue and silver, and jade and silver

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Easy, eco-friendly alternatives

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 15.37.37.png

Life sure can be busy and stressful, so who on earth has capacity to add avoiding plastic to their day!?

Well, happily, there’s a growing number of innovative companies who provide easy peasy ways to step into a more sustainable everyday life.

Here are two I tried out recently.

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20 green hotels and eco-friendly places to stay in the UK and Ireland

If you’re looking for a holiday or planning a trip with a low environmental impact, here are some tempting sustainable choices.

All have been awarded the Gold level Green Tourism Award.


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Featured eco-friendly business: Free Ramblin’ Kids

Free Ramblin’ Kids is a very eco-friendly kids slippers and accessories business, run by Katie Cavacco. Katie visits charity shops to buy post-consumer wooly jumpers, which she then turns into felt to make her products out of.

Soles are made of reclaimed leather. Reduce, reuse, recycle – tick, tick, tick!


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Interior design focus: growing an indoor lemon tree!

At a recent – and rather hygge – celebration at my home, friends were taken with my indoor lemon tree, whose lemons have started to turn a lovely yellow colour.

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-16-39-29They were somewhat astonished that it was growing real lemons. But it was, and still is.

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‘Tis the season to be eco – a sustainable Christmas shopping guide

Recycling can apply to blog posts, too! Here’s my still-relevant eco-friendly Christmas Shopping Guide…

November is with us and thoughts may legitimately turn to Christmas shopping.

When buying presents for family and friends, do you ever think “what can I find that’s green?”, as in environmentally-friendly?

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 20.16.17
Make mine a fox!


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Log cabin in the city

Often the idea of escaping to the cosy quietude of a log cabin in the woods or by the lake gets very appealing for city dwellers.

But for most of us without weekend cottages/trip budgets/sheds/energy at the end of a busy week, the pipe dream stays a pipe dream.

So what can we do? Well one option is to make yourself a little retreat right at home!

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